Our Support services 

Software Group customers, from Small Savings groups, through Credit Unions and MFIs to Banks and Telcos, rely on our Service Desk to ensure the smooth operations of their sophisticated delivery channels used by millions of users across five continents. From individual and small teams to large departments contact our Service Desk to fix issues, receive training and ask for advice.

We offer 24/7 coverage 365 days a year covering from quick incident response to calls and cases from all over the world at any time. Our support engineers proactively protect your business by solving problems and managing changes that arise in an ever-changing environment.  To maintain and improve the quality of service and to inform key customer stakeholders in a timely manner we also provide various reporting, escalation and knowledge base services.

For customers who have purchased Software-as-a-Service and additional service offerings from Software Group, the Total Cost of Ownership falls significantly – our engineers will offload significant effort from IT departments in maintaining the infrastructure needed for the delivery of their Highly Available services.

All Software Group customers receive access to a specialized channel for contacting support that features SLA monitoring and quality control among other features. In cases of various contingencies where the normal channel cannot be used we provide a contact form and a 24/7 support as a backup.


If you are an existing customer, please log in with your provided credentials to https://jira.xmjiebang.com/servicedesk/customer/portals , write an email with a description of your case to support@xmjiebang.com or call the 24/7 number: +12028034706

If you are a potential customer, please contact your sales associate for additional details at:

Levels of support

Bronze: this is the most basic Support level. While it includes all essential services, it doesn’t include 24/7 support or as many contact channels. Reports are not included in this package.

Silver: it is an enhanced version of the Bronze level – it has more channels added to contact support and shorter response times.

Gold: The recommended support level – it includes 24/7 support with multiple channels, including a toll-free number and also reports and statistics are provided on a regular basis

Platinum: The most sophisticated support level, that includes everything listed in the Gold plan, plus an additional commitment to quality assurance of the support services and the shortest possible SLAs. Various extras are applicable if you purchase the additional services.