Start Offering Cards in No Time

Give customers access to their finances outside branches, across your channels and outside of your ecosystem.

Card Issuing Management

Make your services more convenient

Overcome the limited branch coverage and fixed working hours. Provide customers with real-time, secure access to their money via EMV, contactless, or magnetic stripe cards. 


Expand your customer base

Grow both your individual and business (merchant) customers without investing in costly branches. Activate a multi-language and multi-currency ATM/POS network. Enable payments at third-party service providers.


Reduce transaction switching costs

Avoid the high investment cost in advanced payment switches. Reduce complexity by starting with only what you need.  


Be part of the payments ecosystem

Effortlessly manage transaction ization, transaction switching and the calculation of associated fees. Comply with regulations and industry-level security standards (PA-DSS).

What is Payment Switch and Card Management?

Payment Switch - Quick, Focused, Affordable
A quick, focused and affordable solution with all the tools and best practices you need to start with cards, ATM and POS networks.
Payment Switch - Card Issuing
Enables card issuing and management, ATM and POS network development, traditional card transactions and electronic payment processing.
Payment Switch - Financial Transactions
Acquires, authenticates, switches and izes large volumes of financial transactions and facilitates the operation of а payments infrastructure.

Business Cases

Activate a frictionless payment infrastructure

Card Issuing and Card Management
Transaction Processing and Switching
ATM/ POS Management and Acquiring
Integration with External EFT Switches

The Solution is Perfect for

Banks and any financial institution facing the following challenges:

Payment Switch Solution

Budget Limitations

If you are limited by the high investment cost for advanced payment switch solutions on the market.


No Current Need for Complexity

If you want to avoid paying for features you cannot utilize because you have basic business requirements related to card management, ATM management, straightforward merchant billing and settlement operations.


Moving Cards In-house

If you are using issuing or acquiring services through a payment service provider or a partner bank but would like to migrate to an affordable in-house solution to decrease service fees and improve revenue stream.

A Smart, Pay-as-You-Grow Proposition

No compromise on security. Supports EMV, contactless, magnetic stripe cards. Industry-level security standards (PA-DSS) included.



Starter Packs

Start with the minimum functionality you need for a fast go-to-market.


Upgrade Paths

Add more advanced functionality as you grow.

The Payment Switch and Card Management Solution at a Glance

Payment Switch - Integration with switches


Payment Switch

Enable frictionless transaction processing in and outside of your ecosystem.

  • Integrate with a National Switch, card scheme operator, EFT HOST, using a variety of ISO 8583 message types and modern integration protocols.
  • Participate in more advanced payments ecosystem via multiple external switch integrations. Supports advanced accounting workflows and money movements.
Payment Switch - Card Management System


Card Management System

Pragmatic card issuing start for a fast go-to-market strategy. Extend your card offering with personalization and targeted card products

  • Card application management
  • Batch card issuing 
  • Card products management 
  • ICC (EMV) and magnetic stripe cards 
  • Card life cycle management

Payment Switch - Transaction Acquiring


ATM Management and Acquiring

Delight customers with support for both standard as well as value-add transactions at ATMs. Manage transaction ization, transaction switching and the calculation of associated fees. 

  • Out-of-the box ATM application with customer-centric UX. Customisable branding, easily extendable for your unique transaction offering.
  • Real-time ATM monitoring of cash and devices
  • Easy ATM Configuration - configure and add ATM terminals with no downtime.
Payment Switch - Transaction Acquiring


Merchant/ Teller/ Agent POS Management and Acquiring

A turnkey solution for POS management, merchant management and POS transaction processing.

  • Enable a rich transaction portfolio at merchants, bank teller desks or third-party agents through a robust POS network.
  • Integrate all services across your ATM, POS and branch networks as part of an omnichannel strategy. 
  • End-to-end solution - POS terminal procurement and out-of-the box POS application, removing the need for auxiliary systems.

Powered by an Enterprise Digital Banking Platform

Future-proof your digital transformation path.

Payment Switch - Pre-configurations

No need for expert card staff

Pre-configurations available to limit the need for expert card staff at your side. Easy-to-use web-based interface for a short learning curve.

Payment Switch - Frictionless Payments

Frictionless 24/7 payments across the ecosystem

Faster payments mean more revenue. Handle vast amounts of data and process thousands of transactions per second. Deliver frictionless service in both mature and developing markets.

Payment Switch - Centralized Management

Centralized Management. Multi-country. Multi-tenant

Manage all your digital channels from a central administration portal. Customize transaction fees, commissions and rules for your ecosystem. 

Payment Switch - UI/UX Design

UX design expertise

Leverage Software Group’s UI and UX design team expertise in creating engaging digital financial service journeys, personalised for your end customers.

Payment Switch - API

Seamless Integrations

Reuse existing infrastructure and easily integrate with your CBS. Connects with any third-party system. PSD2 and GDPR compliant.

Payment Switch - Workflows

Modern technology stack

Microservices architecture; cloud and hosted environments support; platform-independent storage system; load balancing; audit, system and history logs; vertical and horizontal scalability; authentication service; and more.

Flagship Project - ACCU

Launching a robust shared payments platform in Asia


Software Group and Temenos developed a shared payment platform for credit unions in Asia, running on the Microsoft Azure cloud.


The goal was to help credit unions expand their market outreach and efficiently deliver financial services to their members through online payment channels (web-based teller, mobile banking, debit cards for ATM and POS transactions), without initial capital investment or ongoing IT costs.


The ACCU is a regional group of national credit-union associations and second-tier financial institutions. It serves more than 21,947 credit unions with 38.1 million members in 26 countries across Asia.


The project was launched with 100% uptime and zero critical issues and has already supported more than 1 million EMV transactions.



quote marks

In partnership with Software Group, we were able to design a shared payment platform, highly flexible and scalable, that offers our members a true digital experience.

Elenita San Roque, CEO

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Mobile Wallet - Scalable implementation
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