Powerful Credit Risk Management System

A single loan origination solution that brings real results for bank teams. Trusted by leading organizations across the globe, CreditQuest provides commercial and retail loan origination, risk ratings, advanced analysis, underwriting, documentation, executive reporting, and portfolio management with a focus on the customer relationship.


Reduction in TAT

Reduced turnaround time to originate and process a loan 


Higher productivity

With standardized workflow, accurate data, collaboration, and 360° degree view


Growth in credit portfolio

Real result measured at a CreditQuest client.



Gain in cost savings

Increased operational efficiency and improved profitability

Key Solution Modules at a Glance

Fully-featured, out-of-the-box, configurable to commercial, retail, SME lending


Credit Manager

  • Workflow
  • Credit policy
  • Document management
  • Memos & relationship management

Financial Analyzer

  • Financial statements spreading (ratio)
  • Peer group analysis
  • Financial covenants tracking
  • Financial projections
Rating Manager

Rating Manager

  • Obligor & facility rating (LGD, PD)
  • Wide range of rating models
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

  • Portfolio performance
  • Concentration analysis
  • Exposure analysis
  • Volume analysis
Mobile App CreditQuest

Mobile App

  • For staff and self-origination by customers
  • Integrates with DigiWave Platform
  • Paperless onboarding
  • Offline & online operations

Supercharge the Full Credit Risk Management Lifecycle

CreditQuest Loan Origination Diagram



CreditQuest Brochure

CreditQuest Solution Overview

The complete loan origination solution by Software Group enables relationship managers, credit analysts, credit committees and senior executives make profitable credit decisions faster, achieving double-digit growth through a single platform.

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Improve Portfolio Growth, Credit Quality & TAT

Optimize and digitize the whole credit process and exceed targets

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Streamline Credit Operations

Automate routine tasks and reduce paperwork with a streamlined workflow. Use out-of-the-box capabilities - risk rating models, collateral management, automated credit memos, compliance with covenants, and more.


Control & Manage Risk

Control credit risk at the point of origination, upon individual account review, and at the portfolio level. Enforce the Bank's credit policy and empower teams to make data-driven decisions that mitigate risk.


Grow Portfolio & Revenue per Customer

Achieve double-digit growth in cumulative customer lifetime value. Improve customer service with a unified view of customer financial data and documents.


Leverage a Single Platform

A single platform for all your business lines: SME, commercial, corporate, retail loans. Easily integrated with core banking systems.

Master Loan Origination Challenges with Real Results



Credit risk management

Credit Risk Management

Enforce Credit Policy

Mitigate credit & operational risk

Optimize manual, paper processes & reducing operational costs

Business growth

Business Growth

Reduce time to approval

Improve customer experience & retention

Win market share and compete with alternative lending providers

Portfolio management

Portfolio Management

Improve portfolio management reporting

Enhance data quality and insights

Optimize the portfolio, avoid over-exposure


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