The Benefits of Agency Banking


cost of transaction

Using agents can reduce the cost of doing a transaction by about 25 percent compared to branch transactions. (IFC)


points of sale

An MFI multiplied its points of sale 15 times with the introduction of Agency Banking from Software Group.



A client achieved a 300% increase in transactions and a 600% increase in transaction value within 3 years with Agency Banking.


more savings

An institution increased the amount of savings mobilized through the agent channel seven-fold within a year.

Branchless Banking Expansion

Scale your points of service without investing in costly branch and ATM networks

Cut Operational Costs

Reduce heavy ATM and branch network costs and decongest branches. Serve high-volume, low-value transactions via agents.


Offer Convenience

Provide cash withdrawals, deposits, top-up, bill payments, and more, close to where your customers live, at extended hours.


Profit from New Channels

Mobilize deposits to decrease cost of funds. Activate new revenue streams by expanding agents' portfolio beyond cash in/out.


Accelerate Financial Inclusion

Reach unbanked and underserved customers before competitors through local agents and merchants they can trust.

Baobab Increased Points of Sale 15 Times with Agency Banking

Agency Banking Success Story - Baobab



Baobab, a leading financial institution focusing on financial inclusion in Africa and China, increased the proximity of their financial services through a robust agent network. End customers enjoy a new banking experience with significantly quicker on-boarding. Baobab multiplied its points of sale 15 times with the introduction of alternative delivery channel solutions from Software Group.

Agent Banking Best Practices Delivered

Leverage on our experience from deploying Agency in more than 15 countries.

Field Staff Management and Hierarchy

Everything You Need to Grow and Manage a Successful Agent Network

Convert local shops into agents. Manage from a central space.

  • Organise with unlimited agent hierarchy and support for agent types, roles, and access levels.
  • Scale the network fast by onboarding new agents on the go with secure authentication and geolocation.
  • Set up flexible rules for commission sharing, fees and limits. Manage float and liquidity.
  • Minimize agent training through intuitive self-service apps with superb UX on smartphones, USSD, POS.
Agency Banking Transactions

Enable Agents to Transact. Watch Your Customer Base & Profits Grow.

Provide a multitude of transactions through agents.

  • Customer registration & account opening with secure data capture and Bio, Card or OTP eKYC authentication
  • Real-time transactions - cash in/ cash out, transfers, balance checks, mini statements
  • Value-add transactions for new revenue streams - airtime top up, bill payments, pre-approved nano loans, remittances, micro insurance, etc.

New Exclusive Analytics Dashboards for Next-level Agency Banking

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Agent Network

Leverage actionable, out-of-the-box Agent Network Performance Dashboards to proactively manage your agency business and drive its adoption and growth.

Exclusive data analytics and BI know-how based on collective field experience of 25 years analyzing over 5 billion agent transactions across 14 markets. 

A Digital Transformation Platform in Action.

Agency Banking is built on DigiWave Platform. Future-proof your digital channel business case.


Centralized Management. Multi-country. Multi-tenant

Manage all your digital channels from a central administration portal. Leverage on mature agency banking capabilities.


Seamless API-driven Integrations

Easily integrates with your core banking and legacy systems. Embed third-party provider services to enrich your offering.


Configurable Workflows

Customize your own or use out-of-the-box workflows. Benefit from multi-level loan decisions, fueled by data. Digitize, automate and streamline all processes.


Credit Scoring & Advanced Analytics

Offer fast track loans to your best customers and nurture the rest. Lower delinquency risk from the start. Identify opportunities through analytics.


Flexible Onboarding & Origination Forms

Easily configure your own forms. Store data on the DigiWave platform or directly in your core banking or other systems.


24/7 Service Availability

Excellent reliability in both mature and developing markets. Seamless payment processing with transaction ization, reconciliation and 24/7 store and forward.

Agency Banking Software Brochure

The Agency Banking Solution
at a Glance

1.6 billion people around the world do not have access to basic financial services. In order to scale sustainably, financial service providers need to look beyond costly brick-and-mortar to expand their reach through innovative digital channels.

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Why Choose Software Group?

DigiWave Platform

Agency Banking is built on DigiWave - Enterprise Digital Banking Platform, accelerating your digital transformation.

Scalable implementation
Mature, scalable solutions for quick time to market.
Global Experience

Over 10 years of global experience with 200+ customers in over 70+ countries

Clients Scaling Their Market with Agency Banking Software


Go branchless. Deliver financial services anywhere
through a robust agent network.