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A Decade of Key Lessons Learned Implementing DFAs in Leading MFIs across the Globe

In the last 20 years we saw an operational shift as most Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) transitioned from paper-based operations to digital data management by implementing management information systems and core banking systems.
A next logical step in an MFI’s digital journey is the digitalization of field service and complementary back office operations through Digital Field Applications (DFAs) to facilitate onboarding, loan applications, account opening and transactions in the field. 

An MFI’s field staff is imperative for the success of their distribution strategy. Digitalization of field-based operations can be more challenging than expected, as it often requires business process reengineering, change management, workforce upskilling and uptake, and complex technical integrations with existing systems. 

This whitepaper draws from Software Group’s ten-year-experience implementing and rolling out our digital field application (DFA) solution in leading MFIs across the globe.

Although we are analyzing a specific category of financial service providers, the lessons learned by MFIs can apply to other financial service provider, embarking on the journey of financial field service digitalization.