Mobile network operators (MNOs) or Telcos are quickly becoming dominant players in the financial sector of several markets globally.  Telcos come to Software Group to seek advice on how to best design mobile financial products, solutions and services because of our global experience. We then provide them with solutions that allow for easy reconfiguration and integrations to 3rd parties or an m-wallet platform that ensure quick to market capabilities and innovative experiences with digital payments in highly competitive and dynamic markets.

Extend Reach

Extend reach with a quick to market solution

We offer a functionality-rich solution that has been used by financial institutions from emerging markets in various scenarios. The solution is flexible and allows easy reconfiguration that ensures quick to market capabilities in highly competitive and dynamic space. To further extend reach there is a possibility to add an option that allows introduction and management of agents networks. 

Financial Services World

Enter the financial services world

Telcos start looking into how to go beyond their traditional services offerings and search for innovations in experience they can provide to their customers. Having an open communication channel to their existing customer base they can facilitate connections between their end customers and the services those end customers use the most, thus allowing the telco to offer innovative mobile-based solutions and facilitate payments and transactions. This is where we come in. Software Group provides the integration platform needed to connect all 3rd party players, so those innovative services become a reality. Our payment switch solutions enable the processing of payments with those third parties.  Additionally our best practice m-wallet solution provides a tried and tested platform from which a telco can launch its financial services and provide new digital experiences to their customers. 

New Revenue Streams

Generate new revenue streams

Software Group provides MNOs with highly secure and inter-connected solutions in order to allow them to diversify their revenue sources and business model thereby acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones by providing innovative services and increasing revenue per customer. 

Тo be able to meet the diverse needs of Telcos, we offer solutions like Mobile Wallet, Enterprise Integration Platform, Agency Banking, Chatbots, Payment Switch and Card Management, and others.

All our solutions are built on a single platform - the mature, flexible and future-proof DigiWave Platform, making for quick launch to market, easy scaling, and cross-channel workflows.