The Digital Race is on. Win as a Digital-first Bank

DigiWave Digital Banking Platform helps financial organizations accelerate time to market today and be ready for tomorrow. It provides the foundation for digital transformation, the capabilities for exceptional omni-channel experiences, and the technology to leverage open banking at its best. Deployable on premise or in any public or private cloud.

 Why Choose DigiWave Digital Banking Platform?

DigiWave - Fast to market

Fast time to market with digital initiatives

Respond to ever-changing customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.


DigiWave - Mature platform

Mature platform with ready digital capabilities

Leverage configurable building blocks, such as self-onboarding, loan origination, and more.


DigiWave - Customer experience

Exceptional customer experience

Exceed expectations with compelling digital financial journeys across channels.


DigiWave - Future-proof

Future-proof digital transformation platform

Scale the platform gradually thanks to microservices, APIs and reusable modules. 

DigiWave - Open Architecture

Open, modular architecture

Easily extend with new digital solutions and third-party services (insurance, PFM, remittances, etc.). 


DigiWave - Integration Layer

Enterprise Integration Layer 

Modernize legacy architecture, connecting everything. Unify customer data across silos. Reduce TCO.


DigiWave Digital Banking Platform - Brochure

The DigiWave Platform at a Glance

Today's customers demand seamless experiences at any touch point. Meanwhile, too many financial organizations struggle to execute on their digital strategies. The DigiWave Platform is here to help you move fast in the digital era.

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The Concept Behind DigiWave - Flexibility

Why a platform is a key advantage for your success in the digital era


DigiWave modernizes your existing architecture with a mature platform core, which you can flexibly extend with modular building blocks. The result - customer-centric digital financial solutions that are rapidly launched, smartly reused, integrated across channels, and effortlessly scaled with any new digital initiative in your roadmap.

DigiWave - Concept




Mature Digital Platform Core

Connects and transforms your business into a digital bank. The foundation of a future-proof digital journey.

Vertical and Horizontal Scalability, On-premise / Cloud-agnostic Deployment
Integrations, API-readiness, Microservices
Security by Design, GDPR and PSD2-compliant
Central Administration and Monitoring. Multi-tenancy.

Configurable Building Blocks

The ready digital banking capabilities your need to accelerate digital financial products and services to market

digiwave self-onboarding origination

Digital Customer Onboarding, Account Opening & Product Origination

Achieve higher onboarding conversion rates. Grow share-of-wallet with seamless origination. Improve the security, quality and accuracy of document and data capture.

  • Onboarding and origination within minutes: entirely digital & paperless or hybrid; self or assisted; fully configurable.
  • State-of-the-art UX and UI
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Visual Application Form Configurator
DigiWave - Secure Authentication

Secure Authentication & Identity Management

Provide convenient and secure identity verification across channels. Reduce fraud and know who your customer is.

  • PSD2-compliant Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Consent Management
  • Biometrics, e-Signature, OTP, integrations with National ID Registries and more
  • Pre-integrated with market-leading IAM providers
  • Ability to embed any third-party KYC technology via APIs
Workflows and Task Management

Workflow and Task Management

Flexibly configure the workflows for your business and your way of working

  • Visual Workflow Editor and standard BPM templates for customer onboarding, account opening, loan origination, etc.
  • Fully customizable performance and task management to dramatically improve workplace productivity
  • Complaint management
Open Banking

Open Banking Capabilities

Leverage the open banking opportunity to improve customer experience, secure customer ownership and add new revenue streams

  • Integrate with your value-chain partners to offer both financial and non-financial services
  • Be close to your customers every day - in their hands and their pockets, as well as integrated in key touch points, e.g. portals, partners.
  • Comply with PSD2 through an integration platform with an API Gateway, SCA and Consent Management
  • Reduce IT delivery times thanks to a 3rd Party Development Portal and a Sandbox
Payments Spectrum

Full Spectrum of Payments

Faster payments means more revenue and delighted customers. Seamless payment processing is at the heart of the DigiWave Enterprise Digital Banking Platform.

  • Support for different types of transactions and funds transfer
  • Robust payments engine with transaction ization and reconciliation
  • Availability even if CBS and/or other systems are down.
DigiWave Core Banking

Flexible Digital Products Creation

Create tailored digital products to respond to ever-changing customer needs. Use fees, commission splits, limits and other business rules. Sync with any core banking or insurance system. 

  • Loans: Shorten loan TAT and lower delinquency with targeted offers and efficient credit decision processes. Supercharge with analytics and AI to automate loan renewal and offer intelligent nano-loans.
  • Savings, Deposits, Current Accounts: Quickly launch new product variations for targeted customer segments. 
  • Cards: Issue credit, debit, and pre-paid cards, both personalized and pre-printed.
  • Insurance: Offer digital insurance policies, sold through digital self-service or via agents/ brokers; manage policy and claim lifecycles end-to-end.
Financial Institutions Innovations

Powerful Integrations

Extend DigiWave with any third-party solution. Pre-integrated with the best-of-breed vendors for biometrics, tokenization, and more.

  • Embed any third-party solution or service into your processes (identity verification, facial recognition, PFM, credit scoring, etc.).
  • Leverage an Enterprise Integration Layer to modernize legacy architecture, reducing TCO. Reuse IT assets across workflows.
  • Unify customer data across channel silos for omni-channel experiences and 360-degree customer views.
Contactless Payments

Virtual Cards & Tokenization

Offer modern, low-risk, high-gain payment instruments.

  • Virtual Cards: Acquire new customers quickly at a low risk by issuing virtual cards. Then upsell with more products to increase customer value.
  • Tokenization: Tokenize existing and new physical and virtual cards for the purpose of secure NFC payments thanks to our partnerships with market-leading providers.
Chatbot Solution

Chatbots & Conversational Banking

Take customer experience to the next level through custom AI-powered chatbots for banking, insurance, telcos, and more.

  • Reduce customer service costs while boosting digital engagement.
  • Implement chatbot interfaces in your existing digital channels. 
  • Convert leads to customers right within social messaging apps (Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger).
Field Staff Management and Hierarchy

Field Staff/ Agent/ Merchant Management

Ensure the efficient performance of your network operations

  • Flexible agent/ merchant hierarchies and roles
  • Configurable rules for commission sharing
  • Mobile onboarding for agents/ merchants
  • Performance Management
Analytics Dashboard

Reports & Dashboards

Understand customer behavior across channels, optimize team and agent network performance

  • Focus on improving customer relationships via 360 views across financial products.
  • Upsell and cross-sell the right products to the right customers. Create AI-driven offers based on behavior, such as automated nano loans.
  • Integrate your existing and future analytics, business intelligence or AI solutions.



UX & UI Design Expertise

Leverage our Design team’s experience in creating compelling cross-channel customer journeys.

Deliver customer-centric digital financial products and services. Blend the physical and digital worlds to become your customers' 'everyday bank'.

We speak mobile-first and help you extract the most customer value from digital.

Move Even Faster with Prebuilt Digital Solutions

Based on the DigiWave Platform, enabling quick time to market, easy scaling and cross-channel workflows.

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Lead in the Digital Era

Accelerate time to market today and be ready for tomorrow with DigiWave Digital Banking Platform.