Supporting Banks in the New Normal

In a pandemic world, customers are turning to their trusted institutions to seek convenient remote ways of banking - from options to open accounts digitally, through instant P2P transfers to friends and family, to applying for loans and paying contactless. Today’s bank leaders are realizing that digital banking is inevitable if they want to ensure continuity with minimal branch interactions, avoid losing business, and at the same time defend a leading position beyond the crisis.

customer banking needs new normal

The Challenges for Banks

How to accelerate your transformation to a truly Digital Bank?



Accessible Services
How to make services accessible to everyone from anywhere in the shortest possible time?
How to onboard new customers completely digitally? How to digitalize lending
Decrease Costs
How to increase digital channel adoption with security in mind, while reducing risk and costs?
Customer Satisfaction
How to differentiate your digital banking offering?

Key Digital Solutions for Banks

Built on our DigiWave Digital Banking Platform, to enable quick time-to-market, flexible out-of-the-box capabilities, easy scaling and cross-channel workflows.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Enable customers to instantly send money to friends and family P2P. Provide contactless QR and NFC Payments. Retain via rich value-added services. Suits flexible wallet models - open or closed-loop, card, stored-value or bank account-based.
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Remote onboarding

Remote Customer Onboarding with Identity Verification

Onboard customers and verify their identity from anywhere, prioritizing security and risk control. Integrated with market-leading remote qualified trust services, PSD2 compliant SCA, eSignature, biometrics, and more.
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Digital Loan Origination

Digital Loan Origination with Credit Scoring

Support borrowers via digital loan origination and disbursement securely across any channel - internet banking, mobile banking, mobile wallet, field agents. Benefit from integrated credit scoring options.
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Internet Banking

Internet and Mobile Banking

Offer exceptional self-service online banking with native apps for any device. Become your customers' bank of choice.
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New offers

Immediate Crisis Response in Under 4 Weeks!

Self-onboarding and Loan Origination, Internet & Mobile Banking Lite (SaaS)  

Our limited-time, essential offerings for fast time-to-market:

  • Rapid start with out-of-the-box solutions
  • Future-proof path with a flexible pricing model
  • Upgrades available on demand
  • Delivered in under 4 weeks on-premise or in the cloud

Why Banks Trust Software Group?

Software Group has helped more than 200 financial service providers in 70+ countries stay on top of the digital revolution. We are committed to your success at times of challenge and beyond.

Speed to market
Speed to market
Customer-centric approach
Customer-centric approach
Flexible solutions built on a single platform
Robust and flexible solutions built on a single platform
Global knowledge
Global knowledge combined with local expertise





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