Our Company

Software Group is a global technology company specialized in digitalization and integration solutions for institutions that provide financial services. We help financial service providers successfully go through the process of digital transformation, extend their outreach and improve operational efficiency. We take financial inclusion to heart and have a social mission hardcoded in our DNA - we innovate for a global economy that includes everyone.


Our Beliefs

Discovering Potential

We discover potential in people and in businesses and we provide the tools to develop this potential further. We help them realize the potential they have to do new things or do things in a new way. We help our customers help their customers find potential within, believe in themselves and take their future in their own hands.

Driving Innovation

Innovations are at the heart of everything we do. Innovation is what drives us, what wakes us up in the morning, what we like in our work and why we are here – the constant strive for innovation.

Unlocking Opportunities

We unlock the opportunities there is potential for. We help customers open new revenue streams, reach markets they have not reached before, stay competitive, transform, be the trend, see the future, be the future. 


Why Us

The global experience we carry gives us a chance to spot global trends quickly and to develop world-class solutions with local knowledge and resources. We have more than 450 projects delivered, guiding customers in finding out the most effective solution for their business. We create added value that helps you optimize, scale and grow.

What we do best:

  • Give customers a larger perspective through our global experience
  • Drive digitalization and help financial service providers get to the next level
  • Enable outreach and efficiency
  • Offer global knowledge backed up with local learnings and resources
  • Guide the industry with our collective knowledge
  • Ensure quick time to value
  • Deliver

Leadership Team 


Kalin Radev

Chief Executive Officer


Russell Taylor

Chief Commercial Officer

Geraldine O'Keeffe

Geraldine O'Keeffe

Chief Innovation Officer


Amar Singh

Chief Technology Officer


Lucija Popovska

Chief Operations Officer

Anton Karagyozov

Anton Karagiozov

Chief Financial Officer


Bozhana Marinova

Chief Human Capital Officer

Tunde Oladele

Tunde Oladele

CEO of SG NewTech


Our Story

Software Group emerged from the strong belief that technologies should play а major role in financial inclusion. Almost a decade later this belief is turned into a mission statement. Started as an endeavor of few enthusiastic people, today we employ more than 350 people on 6 continents keeping the same level of enthusiasm. Along that road and with the strong commitment to our customers and customer-centric approach more than 200 companies have trusted us with digitizing operations and assuring more convenience with banking to their customers.

Mission and Vision


Be the leading global provider of innovative delivery channel solutions by exceeding customer expectations and empowering organizations of all sizes to drive operational efficiency and extend their outreach.


Accelerate financial inclusion by creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

"Among the key decision factors for Bina Artha to choose Software Group were the company’s industry expertise, best practices sharing, and the functionalities of the proposed solution. The platform is very scalable and fits our business needs to a great extent."

Anand Raghavender, CEO, Bina Artha

Bina Artha

"Our priority is to offer our clients contemporary digitalized customer service with a focus on speed, quality and individual approach. The implementation of the new digital platform along with Software Group is part of our strategy for digital transformation and will ensure new and improved customer experience."

Georgi Zamanov, CEO, Allianz Bank Bulgaria


“We partnered with Software Group because of their good understanding of the microfinance sector globally. Their mobility solution has helped our financial inclusion agenda and helped us respond to customers’ needs more quickly and efficiently.”

Udaya Kumar, CEO, Grameen Koota


“We appreciate Software Group’s timely responses to our business needs. We were highly impressed to see the quality of your solutions and the knowledge of the delivery team.“

Nana Obeng-Brentuo, Head of Agency Banking, Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd

fidelity bank

“In partnership with Software Group, we were able to design a shared payment platform, highly flexible and scalable, that offers our members a true digital experience”

Elenita San Roque, CEO, ACCU

accu v2

"By using the alternative delivery channels solutions provided by Software Group, we attracted more than 200 000 new customers over a period of about 2 years. The solutions created a new and much bigger universe for us."

Daniel Goss, Group Executive Product and Channel Development, Bayport Financial Services


“Software Group has a deep understanding and a great deal of experience in our industry. We have a real commitment to do the best for people with the solutions provided.”

Denis Moniotte, Former Chief Innovation Officer and CTO, Baobab





Memberships & Awards

European Investment Bank
Forbes Business Awards
Stevie Award
ESR award Latam
Mondato Summit Africa
Mondato Summit Asia
CIO Review
Indian-Bulgarian Business Chamber


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